Music production

Production of Mediterranean music: Sephardic, Oriental, Exotic, Ethnic music in Barcelona

My productions revolve around the most popular string instruments from the Eastern Mediterranean. However, I also record percussion instruments, vocals and electronic arrangements. 

My clients come from every part of the world looking for different sounds, textures, and compositions for their projects: movies, documentaries, video games, events, etc.

Arrangements for your songs

On Oud

Productions made for podcasts or background music are usually more relaxed and subtle, to create space for the vocals.

Recordings for videos and video games work similarly. I always try to create layers of textures and sounds.

Intros and themes

On a combination of different exotic instruments

TV productions

Creating exciting backgrounds with mediterranean instruments and electronic sounds

Orders can also be placed only for music purposes: compliment your album with Greek or Turkish sounds, add an intro with a medieval feel, or enhance your tracks with solos that take you to the Middle East.

It is common for rock or pop bands to produce songs with an Eastern feel. Add a few notes on a Bouzouki here, or a little Oud intro there, and the song will completely explode into a different dimension.

Videos for your business or website

Original background music

High quality free to use images with the most amazing music, synchronization, and intensity.

Personlized, personlized, personlized!

Hiring a small business for your music and video needs will guarantee a personalized experience, a deep care for detail and an easy and quick communication.

Voice over

You can also use my voice-over services, from male or femail voice over artists in several languages. This option is often nice for travel agencies, e-learning projects o presentation videos.

Content creation for your videos

As a writer, I will be happy to create the content for your videos according to your needs
and following the guidelines given.