About me

I am a musician, a producer, and a writer from Barcelona. I specialize in recording and producing ethnic instruments from the Mediterranean such as the baglama (saz), oud (lute) or bouzouki.

My journey


I was born in Barcelona on December 23, 1988. At a very young age, I realized music was meant to become an important part of my life. As a teenager, this hobby got to be my great passion, so I decided to jump right into it. During my upbringing as a musician I knew I was going to need music production skills if I wanted to recreate my own, and other’s ideas.

The Bouzouki, one of my favourites

In a few years, I got all the equipment needed to record my own compositions. Later I started producing demos and records for other musicians. I started studying sound engineering and, at the same time, a new interest turned up: exotic music and the Greek bouzouki.

And I ended up recording Baglama and Oud in Barcelona

I became captivated by the sounds of the main instruments from Greece and Turkey. After a lot of research and practice, I decided to travel and live in Athens and Istanbul where I took bouzouki, baglama and oud lessons from some of my favourite musicians.

Content writing

Edu giro redaccion de contenidos en barcelona

Writing, always by my side

Music was my first passion and I made it my profession, but reading and writing have always been great companions. I started writing for school magazines and local newspapers, and now I get to produce words for websites, publishers, blogs, news, etc.

SEO and digital marketing

During my career as I writer, I have had the chance to write for all kings of platforms, being culture, music, art and society the main theme of the story. Given that almost all the work is meant to be for an internet based audiences and clients, I have been able to get acquainted with SEO and learn how to aim for those first results in Google searches.