Mediterranean and Sephardic music production in Barcelona


My journey

This journey started when I first fell in love with the music from the Eastern Mediterranean. I travelled to Athens in 2010 and I lived there while studying Greek and Turkish traditional and classical music.

I specialize in the production of ethnic instruments such as bouzouki, baglama (saz) and oud (traditional lute from the Mediterranean).

Currently, I live in Barcelona recording and producing music for all sorts of projects.

The Sephardic Jews who were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula in 1942 left an immense musical and cultural legacy throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

Through the lyrics, the melodies and the instruments I produce and record personalized music material for videos, documentaries and more.

My clients!

Captured the true spirit of the Middle East through sounds and vibrations

“Everything went great, we couldn’t have wished for a better collaborator for our new Byzantine-themed album.”


Aeternam Band

Canadian metal band

“Excelent job. Provided the perfect material according to the given indications. Very impressed by his music skills and quality of recording.”


Ethnic Wave

Greek music productions

“An amazing artist, made the job in no time. Best decision ever!”


Macabi Tel-Aviv

Israeli Soccer Club

My instruments

The baglama or saz is the most popular instrument from the traditional Turkish music. There are several types of saz according to its size and tuning. The baglama has 7 strings, movable frets and oval shape. The origin of this instrument resides in the ancient Persian civilization.
producción de saz o baglama barcelona
The king of the instruments from the Sephardic, Turkish and Arab traditional music. It’s oval-shaped and built with wood ribbons. It has five pairs of strings tuned in unison and a simple string used as a drone. One of its main features is the fretless nature, which allows us to perform microtonal music.
producción de oud o laúd turco en Barcelona
The bouzouki is the main instrument in the Rebetiko music. Rebetiko music became very popular in Athens after the Greek-Turkish war in the 20s. It was considered a subversive instrument. It has four pairs of strings, 2 of them in an octave and the rest in unison.

Popular choices

Welcome pack

I will deliver two individual tracks inspired by your melody or idea. Choose the instruments of your liking or ask me to know what they sound like. Approximate length of recording: 30 seconds. Get it in a day!

Studio Pack

Arrange the sounds and instruments of your choosing. I will produce your composition or compose one from scratch following your guidelines. Up to 4 tracks. Lenght: 3 minutes. Claim it in 3 days!

Premium Video Pack

Carefully designed for your audiovisual projects. Includes original and personalized music, content writing and voice-over in Spanish, Catalan, or English. Approximate duration: 2 minutes. Get it in 5 days!

Content writer in Barcelona

Read here some examples of my work as a content writer.

I write for websites, apps, magazines, and blogs.

My writing is SEO optimized on-page.

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Edu Giró
Edu Giró